Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Hippie Mini-van

 With the demise of our second vehicle, we found something else that allowed me the freedom to get out of the house with all four of the kids.  I call it my "hippie mini-van". 

Look at the camera, kids!
It's a Madsen Bucket Bike.
You can't tell, but Rhoda's helmet is teal with pink owls, and her outfit (a hand-me-down from Liesl) is teal with a pink owl.  Super cute!!
 It's pretty fun to ride, but I have to always be vigilant and the kids can't wiggle, hug, fight, or pull flowers off of passing bushes. 
Rhoda loves it.  There are seatbelts for all of them. 

There's an assist motor on the front wheel that makes it possible to get going with all of them in it.

 When we move to Georgia, we won't live on a hill, so my kids will ride their own bikes more.  Right now, Liesl's coordination is just not where it needs to be for me to trust her to ride by herself.

Some days, Jay rides it to work.  He likes it pretty well.  It can go pretty fast for a bike.  We'll be getting him his own bike soon so we can ride as a family.

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