Sunday, May 5, 2013

Guess Who's Crawling?

 That's right, this little doll!  Boy do we all adore her.  She's more somber than her older siblings, but she sure does love all the attention they give her.  Today, we were thrilled to watch her struggle to put one knee in front of the other, but she did it! 

Now I have to sweep and vacuum a little more diligently.  I did everything I could to keep her from crawling early, but crawling is very important, and she'll be happier now she can get around.  I now plan on keeping her crawling as long as I can. (Liesl's occupational therapist said that because she only crawled for a month before walking could be why she's not got the core strength she needs now.  Hmm.)

I wish this weren't blurry, but you still get the impression that all three of my older kids are loving this roller coaster.  This is the last time our kids will ride this coaster, as we'll be in Georgia before the fall State Fair.  This same coaster has been the first for all three of my kids.
Like father, like son.

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  1. I know you told me once, but I don't remember--where is it in Georgia that you're moving to? We should totally get together sometime while we're all there!