Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Getting out gets us sick

As homeschoolers, we really don't have to go out much.  And since the Captain was deployed (one year ago today, to be precise), we really didn't go anywhere much during Rhoda's first few months. (In fact, that's my secret as to how we stayed so healthy during his deployment-- we didn't go anywhere.) But lately, we've gone to the YMCA and the library more often, with the result being that we all have colds.  That is the price we pay for socialization I guess.

Boy a nap sounds good right now.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Music to my ears

Guess who's reading fluently?

Really, take a guess.

Give up?

Okay. . . 
Shown here with green eggs & ham & pancakes.


 It is like music to my ears.  Just last night she was reading aloud to her brother and sister, without help. (And it weren't no Dick and Jane book, either!)  I'm so happy I could cry or shout for joy!  What a HUGE difference two months of vision therapy has made.  Not only is she reading at the first grade level, but she is reading road signs and lots of other things.  It is a huge relief and so exciting!!

And just to give you an idea, a year ago, she could barely struggle through a Dick and Jane book, but she couldn't remember how to pronounce the word look from one line to the next because she was focusing more on getting her eyes to work together.

Also, her reading isn't really that fluent, but compared to even a month ago, it's so much better.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Let's compare: 7 months

Present: Rhoda
It's been the fastest seven months of my life!  Time certainly "flies on wings of lightning."  Rhoda is many things: calm and active, quiet and loud, somber and cheerful, snuggly and independent.  She's also pretty hard to capture smiling because she loves to suck on her tongue, or her blanket, or her toy, or anything within reach.  She does, however, scream in laughter when her sisters show off for her. So here I go, comparing all four of my kids at the same age.  (And because I don't want to caption every single picture this way, please note that all the babies pictured are seven months old, give or take.)

My little Rhoda Doll, probably laughing at her sisters.






Same Outfit

Way back: Liesl

Past: Mira
(Of course this outfit was hidden in the girls' clothing when Marshall could've worn it.)

Present: Rhoda and her Daddy.

The Evolution of Snuggles
Liesl & Mira, four years ago.
Liesl & Marshall, two years ago.
Liesl & Rhoda, presently.  At least she's not laying on the baby anymore.

Past: Mira (2.5 yrs), with Marshall
Present: Mira (4.5 yrs) with Rhoda

Present.  It's hard to get a 2-year-old boy to snuggle his sister. 
This is as close as it gets.
It interesting to look through these pictures, because it's always seemed like Rhoda is Mira's baby twin.  While I do think they look quite alike, I definitely see how Rhoda looks just like herself, and I'm glad for that!

What do you think?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

All about the dress

The entire ensemble.
 So because I love this blessing gown, it gets an extra post.
Booties and satin trim.
Probably one of my favorite things about this dress is its depth. 
The simple addition of satin ribbon trim to the sleeves and the hemline
adds a depth and dimension to the gown that I find really appealing.

My first attempt at bloomers.  Fun and so cute!
That little satin bow really completed the project.


This style hat was really complicated to make, and it used a lot of fabric.
  A bonnet might have been better, but it is what it is, and I do love this hat.
The floppy hat makes for a fabulous outfit.  I love this baby girl!