Sunday, May 5, 2013

Goofy goings-on

Rhoda loves the piano.  She'll fuss until we let her play it. 

The children, returning my keys and providing a snack while I nursed Rhoda.

Daddy and his babies, minus Me.

Our resident Dragon playing with Baby.

Uh-oh, what happened here?

Oh, that's better.  Who took this picture?  It's hard to get one of her smiling.

Marshall was being mean to the girls, so they put him in time out.  And gave him every toy within reach to keep him occupied.  He loved it!

She LOVES cooking eggs, and is pretty good at it.  She cooks me a mean over-easy fried egg.

Daddy put her on the grass without socks and she wouldn't put her leg down. I have about half a dozen pictures of her holding her leg just like this.  I love those legs!!

I love this face.  This is not  the most flattering picture, but I love those soft curls, those soft cheeks, and that pretty smile.  She says of herself that she likes the gap between her front teeth.  I love that girl's confidence!

Speaking of confidence, she's a generous girl, too.  Liesl LOVES coins, so for her to give us this many out of her stash is some serious generosity.  Translation: "Dear Mom and Dad, I have heard that you don't have enough money so I will help you, I will.  I will give some of my money to you."  (This is a lesson for me to be more careful when I bring up the budget in front of our kids.  We are by no means short on money, but we weren't budgeting, and that's the conversation she overheard.) (Oh, and we were NOT fighting during said conversation.)

One of my favorite things to spot, a Stellar's Jay.  You can't see, but it is a beautiful blue and black.

Oops, he dumped our dumpster.  We all got a good laugh watching this!


  1. Holy cow, that picture with the carrot and the keys cracked me up!

  2. you have the most lovely family!!!