Sunday, November 27, 2011

My wild girl draws a picture. Or two. Or twenty.

 I have a little artist!  My self-proclaimed "wild girl" loves to draw things.  The Captain brings home lots of srap paper from work, so luckily she has a generous canvas.  And now, with my new camera, I can actually take good pictures of her creations.  Can you guess what this is?
Ah! I just LOVE the swirly arms and legs of her heart people.
This one happens to be a Heart Devil.  I'm not sure where she came up with that. . . .
Here are some of the 20+ turkey cards
Briar Rose made for our Thanksgiving guests to take home.
(No, we didn't have that many guests!)
My girls LOVE horses.  And ponies, and unicorns, and pegasuses (sp?).  Over Thanksgiving break, they chose to watch Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken two days in a row.  I could watch that movie again and again, so I didn't mind.  Afterward, my little artist went on a horse-drawing kick. 

Sorry this is sideways.  Do you like my funky toes?
I especially love the dappled gray horse on the top row,
or right row, depending on your angle.

There's a barn, and another dappled gray horse, and of course, she drew herself riding Lightning.

Here are my favorites, though.  She asked me how to spell Sonora and Lightning.

Sonora and her brave horse, Lightning,
running up the ramp and jumping off.
She does a good job illustrating movement, doesn't she?

Here's a close-up of Sonora grabbing Lightning's harness,
and both of them jumping off the ramp and into the pool below. 
Golly that would be fun to try sometime.

On a more humerous note, when I was in the fifth grade, I lost the spelling bee because I spelled "lightning" as "lighting" (withought the N).   Writing this post just brings that all back because I keep typing Lightnigh.  Ugh!

A Quick Update

The looks says it all.  Loving tools is in his blood.

This week he started saying Nana and Hi, and he has his own word for horses:  Ta!  As you can see from this post, he gets lots of opportunity to identify horses, too.  I think it's pretty wonderful.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

All about the General

The General is a tease. 
 He's 18 months old today.

(Sorry this post is really disorganized in appearance. At least I'm posting!)

The General doesn't say much.  He did say "nana" the other day when he wanted a banana.  Usually he just uses, "Mama mama mammma!" with various inflections from sweet to musical to shrill that mean different things. One thing's for sure, he's on his way to live up to that name we gave him: even without using words, he lets you know what he wants and what he thinks.  He'll probably smile while he's bossing others around because he's certainly the happiest baby I've had.

Or he might sing at them.  We attended a local production of Savior of the World yesterday, and throughout the musical numbers, he would stand on my lap and rock back and forth, and when they weren't singing, he hummed a rough version of his favorite of the songs, "Come, Lord Jesus, Come."  He sings himself to sleep, he walks around the house humming, he mimics notes I give him.  The point is, I can usually tell what he's trying to sing, and for an 18 month old who doesn't speak, I think he's rock-awesome.

The General LOVES shoes.
The General loves wearing jackets, or pjs.
The General loves clothes and shoes.  Want to make him happy?  Ask him to bring you socks and then shoes. He always knows where they are.


Trying to wear one of my shirts.
He loves to wear jackets and try on other things over his clothes, like his pjs or my shirt, for example.

While wearing these wax lips, all he wanted to do was kiss.
He's a Mama's boy.  I took a two hour nap this morning, and when he saw me afterwards, he did a little "happy to see Mama" dance.  It made me feel special.  He also likes to give me kisses.

He loves hammers and mallets.

I allow him to help me with my projects.  He loves hammers.  He'll walk around hammering everything with that rubber mallet I have.

One thing's certain, I love this little boy.  He brings so much joy to our family.

And now for some random pictures I can't move around for some reason. . . .

On his way to church.
Blueberry oatmeal is a favorite around here.

He speared that apple by himself.
One of his three blankets he can't live without. 
He was Mario for Halloween.