Sunday, April 29, 2012

A triple triple-play

He's all boy.  He likes cars.  He likes swings.
He especially likes car swings. 
He kept making car noises.
The General also loves books.

And he loves himself, obviously. 

We found a baby jumping spider at Ikea. (It's on her finger.)
Jumping spiders are natural predators,
as well as competition, to other spiders,
like the infamous hobo spider. 
They're good to keep around.
We found what could possibly be a young queen ant, or a worker ant. Time will tell, although she does seem to be getting bigger.
We also have an ant hill.  Later, at the park, Rose brought home another giant ant.  When we put them together in our ant hill, they talked for a while by doing something that resembled making out.

Studying the anatomy of an ant in her garden hat.
A horse. 
She's a very diligent colorer.


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