Tuesday, April 3, 2012

This one's for the Captain.

Briar Rose can never eat anything choclatey without unintentionally outing herself. 

After an hour long bath.

This picture is completely gratuitous on my part: I love those olive green eyes.

We have lots of sibling love.  This little boy loves giving his sisters hugs and kisses. (In the left background, you can see the Nativity my dad had made for me in Ghana. I just got it, that's why it's on display.)

Practicing a gymnastics move in the pool. She says about her teachers, "They've found out I'm super strong!"

My little fish who's tried drowning herself twice. 
She picked out this swimsuit because of the roses.

Lori, the best swim teacher ever.  She loved Daffodil and called her, "My baby."
Daffodil loved swimming lessons and was like a happy little fish during (most) lessons.

 I love these pictures of Daffy coming out of a daze.

This smile is so characteristic of her. 
Her cheery personality really does help us all.

Her beloved seashells I'd confiscated for a while.

This box house is a huge hit. 
They each have their own shaped window.  Where's the General?

Telling me, "On!"-- Come on, Mom!  I love how he waves to get me to come with him.

We attended the lamest Luau ever, but we did get free food.  The girls were so excited to go to a "Hawaiian party" that they dressed up.  Briar Rose wore the Hawaiian dress my mom got me 20 years ago, and Daffodil wore a dress up gown with a laie.  They were pretty disappointed.  We were expecting fire or at least dancing, but we got neither.

She's come down with my cough, and the General enjoyed a little snuggle with her when we tried waking her. 


  1. I loved all the pictures. It was fun watching the progression of Daffy from dazed to smiley. Your kids are so darling. I have enjoyed seeing you post more lately.

  2. Fun pictures - I especially love the one of Dafft that is up close - she's so pretty! And that's hilarious about L - I love the chocolate face. :) Cute cute kids!!