Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hawaii Trip, Day 5: ER Revisited, and the beach

 Instead of heading to church like we planned, we went to find an ER.  We ended up going back to Waihiawa.  I wasn't feeling well that way, and I could pop my leg laceration like a zit, which wasn't a good sign.  My leg was also tight and very painful.

Seeing this first thing was the morning's highlight. 

  The tail feathers stood 6' high!

 A random shot of the cliffs behind the condo.

 Sure enough, my leg was infected.  They took out the stitches and told me to keep it covered with gauze... it just needed to drain.   I had them XRay it to make sure nothing was broken, but it was ok in that respect.

 Look how happy I am to be at the ER!  (Not!)  I had a fever and just wanted to sleep.
 When we got back to the condo (that mass of towers there in the pic), after getting a few antibiotics, I slept for three hours.  I kept jolting awake, gasping, dreaming that I was falling again.

 The condo is simple and cute.  It had a great view.

 Finally, I felt better and we headed to the beach so that the Captain could swim.
 This time we found the peacock in the tree.
 It was a bit stormy along the beach, but the weather in Hawaii changes every half mile, so we continued on to the end of the road at Kaena park beach. It was perfect.

The Captain played in the water.

We both wished I could join him, but I was told not to play in the ocean with open wounds.  Also, did I mention I didn't feel well?  Infections do that to a person.

 I read a book and watched.
 I got to take pictures like this.

 Then he settled down next to me and we watched the sun set.

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  1. This is so fascinating to read and incredibly beautiful with the pictures!!