Friday, June 12, 2015

Hawaii Day 4: Drive around the island

 This day we left our cozy little cabana on the North Shore to settle on the West Shore up in Makaha.  We didn't have any plans other than visiting the Laie Temple, which we did really early.
 A cloudy sunrise from the temple.

 This is what my hand looked like.  It really hurt.  I didn't like shaking hands with anyone at the temple.
 And here's my lovely mug that day.  I guess it does look like a birth mark.  I should've gotten matching eyeshadow.
My leg was still swollen and it hurt to walk.
The Laie temple is heavenly.

We visited our friends from Washington, who moved to Hawaii, the Dooleys.

And we make brief visits to the beaches down the East/Windward coast.

The stunning windward mountains.

 We walked out onto these lava rocks in the surf.  I'll admit, the fear of falling again was still strong with me. The Captain held my elbow like a true gentleman and seemed to enjoy taking care of me. 

The blow hole was pretty cool to see.  I was glad I didn't have to walk far to see it.  I kept ibuprofen on me at all times, and I could tell when it was wearing off.  I went through 100 pills in six days.  Did I mention how head injuries hurt?
We stopped after this to watch some surfers, but they must not have been very impressive because I took neither picture nor video.  We got to our condo in Makaha late and crashed. 

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