Sunday, October 13, 2013

Travelling Across the Country: Our stay with Grandpa

 First, a couple last pictures at our old place.

The last night in our house I let the kids sleep in the old toy cupboards.

Marshall was sick one of our last days, so he just hung around sleeping. 
He is actually asleep here.

The last time I saw Mt. Ranier.  I miss it.
So after all our very hard work getting the house ready to rent, we were lucky to enjoy a couple very relaxing days at the Captain's house across the state.  It was a good kick-off to our month of travelling.  We spent Labor Day on Grandpa's boat on the Columbia River.
Cute boating hair-dos to boot.  Strike a pose!

Cutest swimsuit ever!!!!

She was pretty content, all things considered.  This baby loves LOVES water.

She was excited to be on a boat, can you tell?

"This is the best thing EVER!!!"

Marshall and his magic glasses.  I pinned his hat to his suit because it would've blown off.  Grandpa likes to go fast.

Handsome Daddy.

She's about to jump in the cold river.

Look who likes to drive?

Letting go.  It was fun to watch him ski....

...Except Mira didn't like him to ski.

Queen Mama got Rhoda to sleep.

Another action picture of Mira at Grandpa's neighborhood pool.

See, Baby loves water!  She just wants to be in it always.

Grandpa and his son & grand kids had a blast at the pool.

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