Monday, April 1, 2013


I decided I finally wanted to donate my hair. I had barely enough to donate, but I'm happy to have done it. It's so nice to have short hair again, and I really like my haircut. It is so easy to take care of and it stays out of the way. I've had long hair since I became a mother almost seven years ago, so it's taking some getting used to. I never really wanted to donate my hair, but now I've done it, I might just do it again later. We shall see. What do you think?


  1. I like donating my hair. I've done it twice now and it's nice to have a change and send it to a good cause. I did 8 inches the first time and 10 the second. I think I'll do it again... but maybe not for a year or two. I like your new look!!

  2. I think you look great! Donating hair will never be an option for me... My hair grows out not down. :) and I look terrible if my hair gets anywhere near my shoulders.