Monday, March 18, 2013

Music to my ears

Guess who's reading fluently?

Really, take a guess.

Give up?

Okay. . . 
Shown here with green eggs & ham & pancakes.


 It is like music to my ears.  Just last night she was reading aloud to her brother and sister, without help. (And it weren't no Dick and Jane book, either!)  I'm so happy I could cry or shout for joy!  What a HUGE difference two months of vision therapy has made.  Not only is she reading at the first grade level, but she is reading road signs and lots of other things.  It is a huge relief and so exciting!!

And just to give you an idea, a year ago, she could barely struggle through a Dick and Jane book, but she couldn't remember how to pronounce the word look from one line to the next because she was focusing more on getting her eyes to work together.

Also, her reading isn't really that fluent, but compared to even a month ago, it's so much better.


  1. I think that's an awesome accomplishment! Way to go Liesl!!! Reading is really stressful for me with Maddie, so I totally feel your pain. Our problem is just that Maddie isn't interested in reading and so she doesn't like to try. DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!

  2. That is such wonderful news!!! It's so exciting to watch them grow up... I can't believe that Claire can read. Time goes too fast.

  3. Woohooo!! Oh I'm so happy for you both!!! You get it, girl!