Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Let's compare: 7 months

Present: Rhoda
It's been the fastest seven months of my life!  Time certainly "flies on wings of lightning."  Rhoda is many things: calm and active, quiet and loud, somber and cheerful, snuggly and independent.  She's also pretty hard to capture smiling because she loves to suck on her tongue, or her blanket, or her toy, or anything within reach.  She does, however, scream in laughter when her sisters show off for her. So here I go, comparing all four of my kids at the same age.  (And because I don't want to caption every single picture this way, please note that all the babies pictured are seven months old, give or take.)

My little Rhoda Doll, probably laughing at her sisters.






Same Outfit

Way back: Liesl

Past: Mira
(Of course this outfit was hidden in the girls' clothing when Marshall could've worn it.)

Present: Rhoda and her Daddy.

The Evolution of Snuggles
Liesl & Mira, four years ago.
Liesl & Marshall, two years ago.
Liesl & Rhoda, presently.  At least she's not laying on the baby anymore.

Past: Mira (2.5 yrs), with Marshall
Present: Mira (4.5 yrs) with Rhoda

Present.  It's hard to get a 2-year-old boy to snuggle his sister. 
This is as close as it gets.
It interesting to look through these pictures, because it's always seemed like Rhoda is Mira's baby twin.  While I do think they look quite alike, I definitely see how Rhoda looks just like herself, and I'm glad for that!

What do you think?


  1. I can see the resemblance between those two but yes, they do have their own looks as well. I love looking at comparison pictures. It's so fun to see the similarities and differences. PS. We have those same cups Mira is holding in that first picture. :)

  2. I think Rhoda and Marshal look a lot alike!

  3. I finally got caught up on your blog. I have been so behind on everyone's. HOLY Cow, I LOVE Roda's dress and the pictures you took were fabulous. I also love the baby comparison pictures. Congratulations on the piano - that's too fun!

    I also love your job jar, I am TOTALLY going to steal that idea.