Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My attempt to do imitation-studio shots. . . among other things

Little Rhoda. . . Six months old.  How time flies.

If I re-did it, I would make this a bonnet instead of a hat.

This dress is so lovely in person.  It is fluffy and oh-so-pretty.  By far, it's my best one.
Okay, these others are obviously not studio-style, just random pictures.

I spent a morning putting these together, and it has been the best thing ever for scatterbrained me.  It only took nine months of thinking about it to make it happen.
Enlarged to show texture. 

Oh, this one's exciting:

We finally purchased a piano-- a Roland digital player piano.  It feels and sounds so much like the real thing.   We used to have a big organ, but it died about two weeks before our anniversary.  The missionaries came over and helped him dismantle the organ so we wouldn't have to pay dump fees, then he went and picked this up (we'd already spent some time to pick it out).  It is truly a treasure.

Mmmmm. . . Little Caesar's breadsticks.

Sword fighting with Daddy.

There's nothing like falling asleep to the dryer.

This little guy is sooooooo much fun.  Seriously.   He's funny, sweet, clever, and just a blast to be around.

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