Sunday, February 24, 2013

I broke up with Facebook

I've inactivated my account on Facebook.  I've gone through withdrawals, and I even felt rather lonely one night when Captain was away, but I don't miss it. (I am glad I had it during his deployment, because it did help stave off loneliness.)

For months, the Network has been a heavy weight on my shoulders.  I deleted about 50 friends, but still I felt a weight. I tried to limit my time on it, but that didn't remove the weight. I've spent hours of my days not only perusing the stuff on FB (including branching articles or things other people have posted) and posting things myself.  And now that I've left it, I notice that I've developed a habit of always trying to come up with witty stories or ways to share stuff online-- something I no longer feel pressure to do.

Now that I don't have FB, I am free to get off the computer-- there's no longer the excuse to check things one last time.  I've gone through withdrawals, but this is my fourth day now, and, in the words of Catwoman, "I feel so much yummier."  Okay, maybe not yummier, but you get the idea.

There are things to miss, to be sure, but while I find myself missing many of my online friends, I also find myself more eager to connect-- truly connect-- with the friends I have around me in RL (real life).

Speaking of real life, here is a random picture of our family:
That stroller had a flat.  Luckily, Captain Fisher was pushing it.
I haven't decided whether or not to pop back on once in a while.  I probably will in order to refer people here, gather email addresses, and what not, but for now I'm really happy with my decision to leave it behind.

Here are a few of my reasons I decided to leave:
  1. I had too many friends, and yet I couldn't bring myself to delete some of them. (Stupid, I know.)
  2. FB encouraged my passive-aggressive behavior (or so I was recently told).
  3. I got really, really tired of always hearing about FB's privacy issues/changes/violations in the news.  I don't want to worry about it anymore.
  4. I have lots and lots of other things to do, like vision and occupational therapy with my oldest, not to mention homeschooling stuff, singing nursery rhymes, or just plain old playing with my kids.
  5. I really wanted more time to really connect with people.
  6. And probably most importantly, I've been feeling prompted by the Spirit to give it up for now.

Here are some things I will miss (because, let's be honest, there are a lot of good things about FB):
  1.  Keeping up with cousins, brothers, and distant friends.
  2. Showing cool things to my siblings.
  3. . . . I'm really trying to think here.  Oh.  Having an easy way within my immediate community to share things.  For example, "I'm so sick but I'm out of chicken noodle soup.  Help!!"  Or, "I have a bassinet to get rid of.  Any takers?"  This is a big reason that is almost, almost enough to nudge me back. 
  4. FB encourages my inner narcissist.  Oh wait, that's a bad thing. Nevermind.
So there you have it.  What do you think?

PS.  I've had a friend ask if I left because I got in a fight with someone.  The answer is that I did not.  However, I was upset when I left.  The momentum for me to walk away has been building up, and one little thing irked me enough to walk away.


  1. I think there is nothing wrong with leaving FB. I do agree that it has it's perks... but it is definitely a time waist-er. As long as you keep blogging though, I'm ok with your decision. :) I like hearing about your family.

  2. Yeah - we only have the "fake" facebook account to see pics from family and friends that are far away, and even then it only gets checked once in a while. Can't blame you for wanting to be done with it, the blog is a nice outlet however! I just have to keep on catching ours up, I think I'm almost caught up to the end of last summer ;) Slow and steady wins the race....Looking forward to seeing more of you all here hopefully :)

  3. Beautiful family! I love Liesl's face! I have a hard time with FB sometimes. People like to complain about motherhood and it irks me. I check it once a day to see what's happening but I'm much more devoted to Pinterest!!