Sunday, September 4, 2011

Two years ago and Now

Looking back to find comparison shots makes me nostalgic.  It's true what they say, "The days are long but the years are short."  I'm glad I enjoy these times with my children while they are little.

Here is Briar Rose and her friend two years ago at a local pumpkin patch.  


And here they are a few weeks ago, gathering junk at a house we were investigating.

And Briar Rose and Daffodil at three-years-old and 15-months-old, riding Sunny.

And a couple months ago.  They don't look much like sisters at all, aside from that slight dimple in the chin.  The General, however, is a good bridge between them. 

Two years ago, Briar Rose posed like this at the pumpkin patch.

We still catch her doing this.  I could only find one picture of it, but usually she peeks above the General's highchair when we're making a video.

This little boy is rather clever.  He can open the fridge by himself, which is normal, but he went even further: using a fork, he poked a hole in the carton top and continued to eat the whole thing by himself through that little hole, with the fork. (He loves forks and spoons and refuses to eat without them.)  I didn't take it away because I've always been proud of my children when they develop any sort of independence.  At least my children won't starve if I'm unable to feed them.  I did, however, put him in his highchair so he wouldn't get yogurt all over the carpet.

Did you know Daffodil delivered pizza at 15 months old.  She loves Little Caeser's!

 Yet another food shot, this time of him stealing his sister's apple.  He's giving an extra goofy grin here, but it shows the dominant eyebrows from my father's lineage.  Does his hair have a reddish tint?  Sometimes I think so. It's definitely not white like Daffodil's.

This is the only decent comparison shot I could find of Briar Rose at somewhere around 15 months. It doesn't really show how similar she may or may not look to the other two. It's not even that good of a picture.  Oh well!

And my favorite picture of the General. 


  1. FUN FUN pictures. I think you are right about the girls not looking as much like each other. I think #2 and #3 look alike though.

  2. I watched the movie of My Sister's Keeper as well... it follows the book for the most part, except the very end is COMPLETELY different. I mean, COMPLETELY. IF you want to read it, I won't spoil it for you - but I was so surprised that they changed the end. The end in the book was FAR more heart breaking.

  3. I LOVE their code names. Briar Rose is the best, of course.