Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thing's I've learned at age 27

After I had some veins surgically embolized.  The Captain told me to look concerned.
Age 27 has been a year of maturation.  Here are a few things I've discovered this year:

  • It's not okay to yell at those I love most.
  • There are things worth saving up to buy.  I'm really tired of not having a bedroom set handed to me.  Time to take this matter into my own hands!
  • My children will not always be little.  I've decided to make smiley-face sandwiches for them.
  • I'm now more prepared to be disappointed by those I admire the most.
  • Just because I look up to someone doesn't mean they like me.
  • I choose to accept said people as human.
  • I choose to let go of the hurt.  *Breath in* Goodbye bitter feelings! *Breath out*
  • Positive affirmations work.  I love how I feel when I eat lots of fruit and vegetables!
  • It's harder than I expected to glean through the many drawings my kids make.
  • It's easier to gain weight than it was before I got pregnant two years ago, and I'm not as flexible as I was then, either!
  • I choose how I feel.  I choose not to feel angry.
  • Counting to ten and holding my breath works to calm me down when I'm angry, but then everyone will ask me why I've burst a vessell in my eye.
  • I'm not very good at listening and understanding.  It's really important that I improve.
  • I can't learn French if I don't try.
  • It's worth doing the six dirty dishes in the sink.
  • I love any food I don't have to make.
  • My free time is less about entertaining myself than about doing something I love, like sewing, knitting, or writing.
  • If I don't use my talents, I will lose them.  Slow and steady wins the race!
  • If I want to keep my friends, I need to call them just for the heck of it.
  • It's time I start taking charge and planning outings and activities with friends.
  • I want to sleep more.
That's my cue!  Good night!

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  1. Well said. I love you and all your brilliance and wit! I need spell check in this little box, just to be safe.