Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June so far

 The girls, learning about money.  They both had $4.00 of coins in their jars.

 After her ballet recital (she was part of the Magical Garden in Alice in Wonderland), we got her an icecream cone-- she picked the size and flavors at Baskin Robbins, and of course it ended up being way bigger than she could eat!  I love the Colonel Sanders moustache-thingy going on. :) 
 This little one always wants eggs and toast for breakfast.  I'm not sure, but I think she really liked the blackberry jam on her toast.
 This was my lucky find of the month!  This car was dumped on the side of the road for a couple weeks before I spotted it and picked it up.  The girls were so excited about all the spiders inside the trunk.  It's perfect for the little General!
He's not walking yet, but he loves to climb.  This windowsill is the perfect place for him-- he just can't get down.  You can't tell, but he's complaining about it here.

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