Friday, January 27, 2012

10" of snow and 45 hours without power

The General wanted to be outside with Daddy.

Daf LOVED the snow. . . for about three minutes.  She wanted nothing to do with it after this.

Rose loved all the icecicles from the ice-storm.

The Captain built a sled trail.  We have our very own hill in our yard!

Daf laughed and laughed going down the sled.  But she didn't want to do it again.

The view from the alcove I made.  It was so serene and beautiful.  Not even the sound of a snowplow mired the tranquility.  Once every few minutes, I would hear a branch breaking and crashing down.  I'm surprised we didn't lose more trees around our neighborhood.  It seems the firs outlasted the hardwoods.
The alcove I built. . . too small for me, perfect to keep the kids out of the falling snow.
All the major branches of this tree are broken.

After the ice and snow melted, the tree next to the fence finished its topple.

How I fixed our meals.


The General loves hammers.  We wanted to get him a Thor hammer for Christmas, but couldn't justify spending $10 on it.  Our patience paid off; it happened to be the last one on clearance at Walmart.  He loves it!  He even started saying "hama".

Monkey feet!

Camping out around the fire.  Daddy was making up a story.  They loved it!


  1. Those pictures are awesome!! I love the one of you cooking in the fireplace. What a crazy thing to happen. While Utah and Idaho are wondering where all the snow is... you are getting plastered.

  2. how fun!!! thank goodness you had a fireplace! and one that opens...